The hamamtowels / pestemals come from Turkey which looks back to a century old tradition of weaving. It was passed on from generation to generation. In Anatolia in pre- Islamic times, between the 11th and the 14th century, nomadic tribes were weaving tarps, blankets and floor mats. There are other findings of textile fragments that date back to the 7th century B.C.



The towels are handpicked and come from different producers with a long family history of weaving and a personally maintained contact
Certain models of the towels are bought directly from the weavers.
There are different ways to produce a pestemal: hand weaving, half automatic weaving on a black loom and fully automatic weaving on big machines. Each of the towels type of producing is known.



The idea to bring pestemals to Switzerland came during work stays in Turkey in 2012, where I got to know the country, Turkish culture, the people, the language and the Turkish baths. I was fascinated of these wonderful pestmals with their different colors and designs.

After being back in Switzerland I was looking for a high quality towel myself to enhance my clients wellbeing during massage at .

Since Pestemals can be used daily due to of their multifunctional design and purpose, I offer them for sale here in Switzerland.
Through my recurrent visits to Turkey, I can continually expand and renew treat you's product range. Together with the


From part of the sales is put in charity in the weaver’s region. Together with the Buldan Foundation we support different projects especially with women and education. It started with the projects Breakfast for the women weavers and school necessities for kids.The latest project is called Education is power.
The projects are continually described in the blog entries on the start page.