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About the Pestemal/ Hamamtowel … A treat you Definition

The Pestemal is traditionally a flat woven and typically fringed towel made of lightweight cotton. It originally served as a bathing towel to keep privacy, while doing the rounds in a Turkish Bath House (Hamam).

In modern times, the Pestemal has evolved into a multi-use, day to day accessory and is ideally suited for travelling due to its’ lightweight yet durable constitution.

Wonderfully suited for use as a fast drying, highly absorbent yet easily transported bath towel for the beach, the pool, and the spa or for home use. One could also creatively use a Pestemal as a stylish wrap, picnic blanket and baby cover.

These towels will occupy a minimum of space in your drawer, wardrobe, tote-beach-sport bag or suitcase.

All treatyouTowels are natural products made out of cotton and or bamboo fibers and can be machine laundered at 30° or 40°C.

Some shrinkage could occur after machine washing and I would recommend that you hang dry the Pestemal to increase it’s longevity and to avoid that the traditional hand tied fringes could come undone.