Handweberin Fatma

Through my continuous travels to Turkey and the weaver’s region, I am able to establish and maintain relationships with the weavers and producers of treat you.

I met Fatma through Meryem, who is the founder of the Buldan Foundation Through the sales treat you supports the foundation’s projects regarding women and education in Turkey and the weaver’s region.

Meryem and Fatma are old school friends. Fatma started weaving later on in her life. In the beginning she was weaving scarves from poplar fibers and silk. Now she also weaves beautiful pestemals on her handloom. We were visiting her last year in her atelier; this is mentioned in the blog entry A deeper understanding behind treat you Towel sales .

In my showroom at Burstwiesenstrasse in Zurich you can see her scarves and pestemals by appointment.


In the following paragraph Fatma told me her story:

“I was born 1963 in Buldan District of Denizli. My father and mother were weaving masters. I completed my primary, secondary and high school in Buldan. My father produced fabrics called “sari üslük” specific to Buldan. My mother was a weaver too, she made beautiful tablecloths. Weaving was done with participation of all family members. For this reason, I was involved in weaving since I was little. In high school I learned to sew the edges of towels and to do embroideries with the Buldans Kasnak machine (a kind of machine embroidery frame) .

After I got married I continued to embroider with that machine to contribute to the household budget.

I had a son and a daughter. When my children grew up, I decided to learn to hand weaving as a hobby. In 2012 I participated in a handloom-weaving course organized by the Public Education Directorate. Through that course I learned the fineness of the hand weaving. At the end of the course in 2012 I installed a handloom in my husband’s family home. The house is a historical house, which is listed by the Council for the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

My hobby turned into a small business. I wove foulards by using different kinds of threads such as cotton, silk, flush and bamboo.

In 2016 the Buldan education and solidarity foundation started to support me about promoting my hand loomed products. With their help my products have been sent to various parts of the world such as America, Holland and Switzerland. Now I also weave pestemals using cotton and bamboo.”