Pestemal im retro Look

Pestemal Retro

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Fine woven extra long pestemal made of 100% cotton in a stylish retro look.

200 x 98 cm

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Treat you’s supercool Pestemal Retro is a fine woven and extra long towel. This pestemal is excellently suited and looks great as a beach towel, sauna towel, picnic towel or tablecloth. Other creative uses for this cool retro look towel are as a shower towel, bath towel, bodywrap, pareo, sarong and even a baby sling. Actually, all of treat you’s assorted pestemals can be used in these creative ways plus all your personal creative uses.

The Pestemal Retro was produced on the semi-automatic loom, which is called "Kara Tezgha" in Turkish. More information about this simple loom, invented in the 18th century, can be found in the blog post:A functional guide to semi-automatic looms.

The vertical running stripes through each pestemal are either orange/dark brown or dark blue/black/turquoise on a natural looking beige fabric base. The orange/dark brown striped "retro" pestemal totally reminds me of those 70ies and 80ies patterns and colours. The dark blue/black/turquoise striped Hammam towel takes advantage of it’s beige ground colouring creating a wonderfully natural feeling and look. This pestemal is definitely this seasons "different looking towel".

Das Pestemal Retro ist aus 100% Baumwolle und kann in der Maschine bei 40 Grad gewaschen werden.

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Weight 340 g
Dimensions 200 × 98 cm