Spendenprojekt mit Buldan Vakfi


I previously mentioned my heartfelt support of the Buldanvakfi Foundation (known also as The Buldan Foundation) in my blog entry "A deeper understanding behind treat you Towel salesI wrote that the Buldan Foundation  “Our primary target is to empower women by supporting their self-improvement, increasing their competences and skills and encouraging their participation in society. Our further targets are providing scholarship for students and raising public awareness for consideration, care and responsibility towards older adults.”

I happily support The Buldan Foundation’s project -Provide School Necessities for 280 Poor Children- through the Global Giving  platform with a percentage of the proceeds from all sales of the semi-automatic and hand-woven pestemals + bathrobes in my collection. The goal is to provide children from financially challenged families in Buldan with essential school necessities.

Spendenprojekt mit buldan vakfi

Spendenprojekt mit Buldan Vakfi


You may not believe this but, in this region of Turkey the winters are very cold. My friend Meryem from The Buldan Foundation told me, in fact, that some kids don’t want to go to school in the winter because they feel cold in their classrooms and are freezing in the unheated school buses.

Meryem also mentioned a report where school attendance and performance of children in rural areas improved when uniforms, winter coats, shoes and stationery were provided. The foundation took the thought: " Through this project we will improve the children's education” and actually brought it to life.


The Buldan Foundation members also took part in the world famous Istanbul Marathon as a charity event to provide additional funds in support of their project. The marathon took its course over the impressive “first bridge” over the Bosphore, connecting Asia and Europe.

When the Turkish school year started in mid-September, I am sure you can well imagine the joy, the excitement and the delightful surprise of the children when they received all of their new gifts - cool bags, warm coats, proper shoes and the needed stationary items.

Spendenprojekt mit Buldan vakfi
Spendenprojekt mit Buldan Vakfi

I am happy to see these kids take small, warm steps towards a good future for themselves.

Out of respect for the families' privacy, the children’s faces were not shown in these images.

Spendenprojekt mit buldan vakfi