Baumwolle Badetuch von treat you

Durch die wiederkehrenden Besuche in der Türkei und Erfahrungen mit den Produzenten und Tüchern hat sich die jetzige Form von treat you langsam entwickelt.
With the time a certain ethical attitude towards the weavers and to be able to give back to the region where to towels come from, became more and more important to me.


  • To support the century old tradition of weaving, so it remains maintained.
    E.g. blog entry Is Turkey loosing its century old tradition of weaving?
  • To give value to the handcraft. A handmade towel for example has a higher value than a machine made one.
  • To support the people from the area where the towels come from. This is done through the collaboration with The Buldan Foundation and their projects. Through the sales of the towels and the bathrobes a certain amount is donated to the foundation to support their social projects.
  • Economic sustainability, to pay the weavers a fair price for their goods, through direct purchase of certain models.
  • Transparency of the production. I know from all treat you towels how they were produced. The productions I have visited several times. E.g. blog entry about the production of the pestemals..
  • To cultivate good relationship to the producers