Pictured above ↑ a look at some of the prospective female students who are supported by the foundation.


I spent a lot of time with my friend Meryem - the founder of the The Buldan Foundation- during my recent visit to the traditional weaving district around Buldan.
About a year ago we organized a women’s “get-together” breakfast for the weavers and last autumn I wrote a blog article about the Buldan Foundation’s project" Enabling Essential School Supplies for children from a Traditional Weavers Village“.

Meryem told me about her latest project "Education is Power". This project currently supports 25 girls from the Buldan area so that they can attend university. The girls have to attend a 4 year course at a university or technical college to qualify for a scholarship. The Buldan Foundation’s goal is to support 100 female students.


In rural areas of Turkey, such as Buldan, it is still not common for young women to attend university despite their dreams and aspirations to do so. These young women tend to encounter an innate cultural resistance and bias from their social environment and families. In most cases these young women do not have the financial means to further their education and to later pursue an interesting profession. Their situation becomes more difficult in that these young women must live away from home in a faculty dormitory or nearer to the university under very simple, sometimes difficult living conditions.

Meryem and the Buldan Foundation aim to provide support through the success of this project. They encourage them to obtain a university degree and thus give them a good start in their professional life.


Crowdfunding for the “Education is Power” project is on the Globalgiving platform and donations are currently being collected in earnest. The members of the Buldan Foundation and all voluntary supporters will run the Istanbul Marathon in November, as a charity event, to raise money.

Treat you supports this project by donating proceeds through the sales of pestemals and bathrobes.
I am grateful to give something back to the weaver district and the surrounding area.

I know that every donation, no matter the amount, is truly appreciated. Please feel free to donate yourself and I provide the Crowdfunding platform link for Globalgiving here.


On a personal note, I am happy to report and present some positive news out of Turkey with this project. Over the past few years, Turkey has been mired with negative press releases internationally. I feel that it is important to see that there are many dedicated people who are committed to a positive and constructive future.

Together with the tireless Meryem Salman in the Geleyli Cafe of the Buldan Foundation.

A few impressions from Buldan